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Polo Tee

Polo or collared shirts are suited for more formal purposes, such as corporate uniforms. But that doesn't mean that is all to them. Polo tees make great branding tools as well by simply printing your logo and tagline on them. We carry two types of materials for our polo tees, cotton and microfiber, and they come in a wide range of colors, size and can be printed on with several different methods. It really depends on what your requirements are. 

Pink Dugong Polo Tee Mock Up


apparel (cotton)


100% cotton. Multiple weightage available, contact us for options.

Cut & Sizes

Unisex (XS - 3XL)

Female (XS - XL)

Kids (2 - 10)

*For larger sizes or to view the size chart, please contact us.


Contact us for colour options.

Printing methods


Recommended for large designs with less colours.


Recommended for logo printing for a more professional look.

HD Print

Recommended for large designs with many colours.


5 pcs


We use Microfiber T-shirts, with anti-bacterial and anti-odor function. Suitable for outdoor events and other activities.

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