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While the digital calendars can be handy when you're on the move or when you are at work and need to keep track of assignments and meetings, most people still prefer the actual, paper printed calendar for everyday use.


Calendars with boxes to write in, in particular, are still very popular among office workers. It provides an easy way to see at a glance what is going on, and is a great opportunity to promote your brand visibly all year long. You can even add in promotional vouchers in them as well to encourage return purchases.

calendar mock


paper - art card
paper - chipboard

Art Card (Pages) - 260gsm

The pages of the calendar uses art card paper because of its durability and high printability. 


215mm (H) x 153mm (W) or 153mm (W) x 215mm (H)

(Size includes the wire binding area)


1 box (100pcs of business cards per box)


The above is for standard Desk Calendars. For custom made calendars, please contact us to further discuss your requirements. 

Chipboard (Stand) - 700gsm

The stand of the calendar will be made with chipboards which are rigid boards with a smooth surface.

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