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Menus that are handled by many customers daily are easily subjected to wear and tear. It's important to consider the quality of your menu to ensure that it is durable for more cost savings in the long run.

Find out more below, or contact us for a consultation to see how we can meet your needs.

alam nion menu mock


paper - art card

Art Card (Cover)

The art card is ideal for menus because of the durability it offers. Menus are heavily handled and using the art card material will provide it with a longer lifespan.

paper simili

Art Paper Or Simili (Pages)

Selecting the right paper for the internal content is important as well. Things that should be considered would be frequency of use, would there be writing inside, durability and more. 


Cover: 260gsm, 310gsm

Pages: 80gsm (Simili), 128gsm (Artpaper)


Gloss Lamination

Matt Lamination

Spot UV (1-side / 2 sided / Multiple sides)

Die-cut (Rounded Corners)

Accordion Fold (1-fold / 2-fold)

Hard Cover

Soft Cover




For booklet style menus, please click here.

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