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Non Woven Bags

Non woven bags are made from non-woven polypropylene, or NWPP for short. By taking polypropylene polymers and spinning them into long fluffy threads and then pressing the threads together, you will get a flexible fabric with a weave-like texture. These fabrics are washable and durable, plus will be able to last for many years. Best part is, you can print any design or color on them and they will come out clear and vibrant. 



Non Woven - 90gsm

Non-woven fabrics contain no interwoven strands but do have an organized internal structure. The fabric is bonded together and interlock into a dense textile. Suitable for light weight usage.




Sizes & Colours

We have multiple sizes and colours available. Contact us with your requirements and we will advise you on what would be suitable for your needs.

Printing methods


Recommended for designs with less details and colors, without any gradient or shading.

HD print

Recommended for more complex and colorful designs.


100 pcs

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