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Paper Bags

Paper bags are a great eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags. They can be durable and can be made into sizes that fit your requirements. You can also choose to go with a fully colored design or something more monotoned to place on the paper bags of your choice. For more colorful designs, we would recommend going with the gloss art paper and for single colored or minimal colored designs, the brown kraft paper.  

paper bag mock up


paper - art card
paper - ivory

Gloss Art Paper - 157gsm

Gloss art paper has been coated with a mixture of materials or polymer in order to give the paper a smooth, shiny surface that will give the artwork more vibrancy.


We have multiple sizes available. Contact us with your requirements and we will advise you on the best size for your needs.


Gloss Lamination

Matt Lamination

Rope Color







Brown Kraft Paper - 180gsm

Kraft paper is a stronger and more durable type of paper and is ideal in the making of paper bags. It also gives the final product a natural look and feel. Suitable for single or minimal color prints.

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