Creative Design

Shah wants to print a brochure. He has an idea in mind, but doesn't know how to bring it to life because he can't design. His friend, Danny, knows a guy who does design work, but it'll cost an arm and a leg. Jeevan knows a printer, but they don't provide design services.

Sounds familiar? If you're a Shah, Danny, or Jeevan, then pink dugong is your solution.


Simply share your idea or brief with us, and choose 1 of 3 drafts we will provide you with to fine tune to perfection.

It's THAT simple!


Design a logo that gels perfectly with your business objectives, showcasing your products or services.


Did you know that different colours carry different meanings? Bring out the spirit of your brand with the right palette!

Marketing Material

We can help you design your marketing materials, from small format leaflets and catalogs, to large format booth displays.


If we can print it, we can design it! Browse our printing services to find out what else we cover!

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