Apparel Printing

Some people want to print a single piece, personally designed and customized to stand out. Other want to print in the thousands for events or uniforms. Which ever one you are, you've come to the right place!


Pick from a variety of ready-made t-shirts with different cuts for your bachelor party, family, gang, or event!

Polo Shirts

Create a corporate uniform that connects to your brand identity so that your customers can recognize you instantly.


Embroider your logo on a towel or handkerchief to make a great premium gift, especially for beauty or sports brands!


Organizing an outdoor event? Do your customers a favour and gift them a hat, complete with your logo or a special message!

Tote Bags

Tote bags are being used now more than over as we move away from plastic bags, and is great for advertising!

Jersey & Active Wear

Design and print your next sports team kit with us! We'll help you design and print your team logo, name & number etc.


Need a specific size or cut? We also provide custom made apparels.


Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us for more details!

Printing Techniques

Each technique comes with different properties and care requirements. We take your design, apparel usage and quantity into consideration when advising you on what's the best printing technique!

Heat Press

Suitable for large or single visual prints. Probably the best choice for small quantity orders. Applicable on cotton fabrics.

Silk Screen

The most common method and the most competitively priced for printing in large volumes, with vibrant results.



An excellent printing method for a durable, stylish and classy look. Recommended for corporate logos, towels & handkerchiefs.


Great for jersey or polyester materials. Similar to heat press but colours are absorbed into the fabric so there's no peeling. 

Direct to Garment

Prints directly onto fabric, suitable for full-colour images. Can be printed on demand, offering a low minimum order quantity.

Vinyl Print

Similar to heat press but uses a vinyl cutter to cut out designs for t-shirt lettering for name of bands, football players etc.

Virus Print

Similar to heat press, this method creates images with a pearly sheen. No actual virus involved, don't worry.


Want to know more about which printing technique suits your needs best? Get in touch!